ATR Power Supplies

CM ATR military Power Supply Units (PSU) are available in ½, ¾ & 1 ATR size for 6U/3U chassis and are custom made to match the enclosure mechanics.

CM ATR Military Power Supply

Our COTS PSUs have exceptional output power & are available in up to 575W (5 slot), 825W (7 slot) & 1550W (12 slot) versions to satisfy the full range of applications regardless of card-cage power needs.

High capacity improves PSU efficiency & MTBF when loaded below its maximum power limits. It allows ample reserve for system upgrades or provides extra power for internal & external auxiliary devices, such as platform sensors, signal adapters, remote sub-systems, etc.

CM PSUs accept all American & European standard AC/DC input voltages, single & 3-phase for worldwide operation per MIL-STD-704 & MIL-STD-1275.

CM ATR Military Power Supply

PSU Class 1 oversized military power connectors offer shock & vibration reliable interconnectivity between chassis internal modules to allow high DC current rates, low voltage drops & minimum contact heating.

All PSU models supply +5VDC, +3.3VDC & ±12VDC standard outputs to the backplane payload electronics. Connectors designed into the chassis are military standard components to allow the user to easily find the corresponding mating connector on the open market.

Incorporates isolated DC/DC converters & hold-up capacitors to operat during short power failures, outputs are protected against short-circuit & thermal-shutdown.

CM ATR Military Power Supply

PSUs are fitted with; Power Fail Monitor, MIL-STD-461E power filter, DC remote voltage sensing, output voltage trim-up, time-delayed protection fuses, rear fan EMI-filter & fuse and DC/DC converter remote shutdown.

PSUs are attached to the chassis rear panel to provide conduction & convection cooling. Forced air dissipates heat generated by the PSU as air passes over the rear panel fins (except FAC/S/SEF models). Heat is also dissipated via thermal conduction to the chassis frame.

PSU Criteria

Chassis Selection


Input Options

  • 28VDC Input.
  • 48VDC Input.
  • 72VDC Input.
  • 270VDC Input.
  • 90-264VAC Autorange @ 47-880Hz.
  • 200VAC 3 Phase @ 47-880Hz.


All PSU input voltage options are supported by all CM Military ATR Chassis Products.

6U FAC PSU Options


3U FAC PSU Options


6U S PSU Options


3U S PSU Options


6U SEF PSU Options


6U SEF PSU Options


3U SEF-18HP PSU Options


6U HES PSU Options


6U HES-1 PSU Options

This 6U ATR Chassis is currently only available in 5 & 7 slot versions

3U HES PSU Options


3U HES-FBL PSU Options






6U SIXHEX-1 PSU Options

This 6U ATR Chassis is currently only available in 5 & 7 slot versions

6U SIXHEX-16HP PSU Options


6U SIXHEX-20HP PSU Options

This 6U ATR Chassis is currently only available in 5 & 7 slot versions



EMI/RFI Filters

VICOR military Filter & Attenuator Module

Chassis fitted with a DC PSU are equipped with a VICOR Filter Input Attenuator Module (FIAM). Integrated prior to DC/DC converters, this front-end device provides; EMI filtering, autoranging line rectification, inrush current limiting & transient protection.

Single-phase AC PSUs are fitted with two VICOR military Filter Autoranging Rectifier Modules (FARM). 200VAC 3-Phase PSUs incorporate a AC/DC rectifier stage prior front-end modules.

FIAM modules are protected against DC reverse polarity. An optional reverse polarity diode may be fitted in series with power connector input pin IN (+).


ATR EMI/RFI shielded wiring

PSU power lines run lengthwise through chassis side panel shielded corridors to ensure the PSU & Fan power cables are EMI/RFI shielded with regard to chassis I/O wiring harnesses.

A shielded corridor remains free for integrators who wish to shield noise sensitive I/O signals from cables linking front panel connectors to the backplane.

VICOR FIAM & FARM filter modules meet MIL-STD-461E/F Class A1b. Coherent wiring practices will ensure Electromagnetic Compatibility is maintained.

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PSU Integration

ATR PSU DC/DC Converters

DC/DC Converters installed on the chassis PSU provide voltage trimming, remote sensing & complete electrical & thermally isolated outputs.

DC/DC converters may be disabled through an optocoupled control signal to allow a Temperature Supervisory Unit (TSU) to monitor & shutdown PSU power devices in the event of over-temperature conditions in the card cage or emergencies.

Rotron chassis exhaust fans have independent circuitry with respect to the PSU input power voltage. Fan voltage can be selected according to the required airflow regardless of the PSU main power voltage.


EMI/RFI shielded wiring

Previsions are available for an optional Redundant Plug-in Power Supply Unit that provides dual redundancy for highly critical applications.

Several custom Dual Redundant PSUs are available or can be designed upon request.

An optional TSU can be fitted on the RPSU for protecting card-cage electronics against extreme climate conditions. This feature takes advantage of card-cage heaters in the event of cold start-ups & also limits the risk of high temperature failure during operation.

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MIL-STD Components

  • MIL-C-24308 Class I Power Connectors
  • MIL-I-45208 Qualified DC/DC Converters
  • MIL-S-13949 Class V Printed Circuit Board
  • MIL-I-4658C Multilayer Military Conformal Coating
  • MIL-STD-1547B Corrosion Treatment on Aluminium Surfaces
  • MIL-STD-704 input compatibility (115 VAC or 28 VDC)
  • MIL-STD-704A & MIL-STD-1275A Power Supply
  • MIL-STD-1275A Compliance
  • MIL-STD-461D Power Supply Front-end Modules
  • AISI-316 Screws & Inserts
  • Full galvanic isolated outputs > 500 VRMS
  • Full MIL-specifications DC/DC converters