The Company

CM Computer has an extensive history in the design & manufacturing of high performance military COTS electronic modules & ATR chassis.

The company has supplied military VMEbus boards to the COTS industry since 1988 & ATR Chassis since 1993.

Our staff have worked actively to provide COTS solutions to over 250 avionics, defense & military programs over the past 30 years.

More than 16,000 military VME boards & ATR enclosures have been sold to over 120 prime contractors worldwide.

Our team of design, electrical & mechanical engineers have released generations of ATR chassis & scores of military VME boards.

We deliver the first organized & universal COTS ATR product range that meets the complete spectrum of 6U & 3U military applications.

Customers find that our low cost industrial boards offer unmatched reliability that is comparable to the latest military products from our competitors.

In-house ISO-9001 certified facilities for design, testing, CNC machining, chemical coating, painting metalwork & electronics.

We do not subcontract components or assemblies to other companies.

Military ATR Enclosure

CM maintains extended lifecycle production & support. Our dedicated service ensures peace of mind throughout your applications service life.


CM Computer Facility

CM ATR products are Tested and Certified by independent authorized labs per MIL-STD-461E/F & MIL-STD-810F/G for immediate deployment in Navy & Air Force military Fighters, Submarines, Ground Systems, UAVs & Helicopters.

History demonstrates that designs hatched in an attempt to upgrade industrial products to military standards risk failure. CM implement the most challenging parameters from the start.

We understand ATR chassis are critical to application success, reflecting the integrity of your system & bearing the responsibility for the protection & reliability of valuable electronics.

Credibility with your customer is always at stake, your solution demands superior performance & finish throughout. With this in mind each component employed is selected in accordance with a rigorous quality criteria.

Products are designed, manufactured & tested by experienced senior engineering staff. Extensive testing and quality control are key factors in our success.

This results in effortless integration & lower production costs that deliver an exemplary chassis on every critical level & one that accords a decisive competitive advantage.

Our integral production yields remarkable delivery times & guarantees the quality of each component manufactured. Partner with CM to secure a quality chassis in a fraction of the time you would expect.


  • Design & Testing
    Design & Testing


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    CNC Machining


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    Finish & Inspection

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